LEKUMA TECHNOLOGY INC. is established for designing and producing ebikes, escooters, and mobility. We have been working with multiple clients on developing ebikes from the beginning. Moreover, we have conquered many difficult projects with complex specifications and frame drawings. We design, develop, manufacture, assemble, and produce ebikes. Ebike is becoming more and more important to our society nowadays.

In addition, the biggest advantage of LEKUMA is that we are flexible with unexpected specification changes for large ranges of different models. We are able to offer professional suggestions for BOM, manufacturing process, design, and schedule. From the initial concept to the finished product, we could efficiently support our client through the whole process to achieve the goal.

We have plans to upgrade and update our facilities and services to become the leader of the industry and we can support our clients to become the best of the best in the market.

In addition, we develop a new kind of business. With a combination of mobile technology, IOT technology, electric system integration, and frame design. We are able to offer the below services:

The System integration service of LEKUMA Technology Inc.

System integration

It’s very difficult to install different electronic components into an ebike. We develop a tracking system to assist the operator in verifying the functionality of ebike linked to frame serial number and electronic components together.

The Consultancy service of LEKUMA Technology Inc.


We offer turnkey solutions for supply chain management, distributions, import handle, and logistics.

The Co-Branding and investment service of LEKUMA Technology Inc.

Co-Branding and investment

We have successfully help many new investors build their own brand already. We bring years of experience, techniques, resources, and experts advices to turn visions and goals into reality.

The R&D center of LEKUMA Technology Inc.

R&D center

The Assembly Factory of LEKUMA Technology Inc.

Assembly Factory

Bike Assemble in the Assembly factory of LEKUMA Technology Inc.
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